Automatic unpacking machine

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Automatic unpacking machine

Years of experience in automatic packaging system integration
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Kunshan yuxinzhan Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating independent R & D, production and sales of back-end automatic packaging equipment, with its own brand "yuxinzhan automation technology"; The production plant covers an area of 4500 square meters, with more than 60 employees and 3 senior managers; 5 middle managers and 5 scientific and technological R & D personnel; 8 technical engineers; At present, there are 2 people with master's degrees; 5 persons with bachelor degree...


01.Years of automation system integration experience

Integrate mature and stable robot ontology at home and abroad, and provide stable and mature intelligent packaging system solutions

02.Enterprise specialized in packaging automation

With an independent product technology center and more than ten technical elites of packaging machinery

03.High speed, stable and durable Seiko quality

It is mainly engaged in unpacking machine, sealing machine, heat shrinkable packaging machine, semi-automatic folding and packaging machine, automatic packaging assembly line

04.Quick response and complete after-sales service

One year warranty, lifetime maintenance, hundreds of dealers in China, covering 34 provinces and cities in China, rapid customization and delivery.

Selected Cases

It is applicable to daily chemicals, food, electronics, cosmetics, beverages, stationery, e-commerce, logistics, household appliances, medical and health products and medical appliances Catering, toys, lighting, printing, auto parts, hardware, gifts, clothing, textile and many other industries



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Provide multi-directional packaging solutions
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